Miami Criminal Law Firm - Andrew H. Boros, Esq.

Miami Criminal Law Firm - Andrew H. Boros, Esq.

Miami Criminal Law Firm - Andrew H. Boros, Esq. has over 30 years of extensive trial law experience in the State of Florida Besides representing clients in state and federal courts, Mr. Boros appeared in front of the United States Supreme Court, which is every attorneys' zenith moment, in the matter of Hubbard v. United States, 514 U.S. 695 (1995). The United States Supreme Court overturned in part Hubbard's criminal conviction by a unanimous vote overturning its own 40 year precedent.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Andrew H. Boros is a graduate of the University of Miami and South Texas College of Law. Prior to entering law school Mr. Boros was employed as the lead Crime Scene Investigator by the Miami-Dade County Sheriff's Department. After graduating from law school in 1976 he was hired and trained by Gerald Kogan who attained the eminent position of Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court, now retired.

Mr. Boros is a Martindale & Hubbell "AV" rated South Florida Lawyer specializing in litigating complex cases primarily concerning personal injury, medical malpractice, matrimonial and criminal.

Miami Criminal Law Firm - Andrew H. Boros, Esq.

He has attained the "AV" rating which is the highest and preeminent rating based upon lawyers and judges attesting to his legal ability and professional ethics.

Office Information of Miami Criminal Law Firm - Andrew H. Boros, Esq.

Practice Areas:
- Criminal Law
- White Collar Crimes
- Family Law
- Custody & Visitation
- Divorce
- Personal Injury -- Plaintiff
- Motor Vehicle Accidents -- Plaintiff

Litigation: 100%

Fees: Offers Free Initial Consultation

2333 Brickell Avenue
Suite A-1
Miami, FL 33129

Phone:  (305) 854-8689

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